Gannalyst Professional 5.0


Gannalyst Pro 5.0 is now Free!

Both the Standard and Lite versions were subsets of the Pro version and are now obsolete and thus will no longer be available. Gannalyst Professional 5.0 is now the only version available..and its Free ! Click on the button below to move to the download page.

Ongoing Development

Although Gannalyst Pro is now free for all users, that doesn't mean that further development of the Gannalyst Pro application will cease. In fact Version 6 has already been planned. The Gannalyst Pro application can only grow and evolve into the future with the support and contributions of those gaining benefit from its use. If you are gaining value from using this software, then you are encouraged to contribute to its future.

Griffin Training

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Griffin Training Course Launch: 1st January 2014

The official launch of the Griffin Training Course will be on 1st January 2014. For the many subscribers who have provided welcome feedback and invaluable input the site will be available from 1st December 2013. This preview time is being provided for the many patient subscribers to peruse the site, offer up comments and if they wish, to take advantage of the introductory pricing offer (preorder now and save 33%) that is being made available during this prelaunch period.

Griffin - The Complete Training Package

Although it has taken almost 5 years to develop, the final result is the most comprehensive market trading course currently available. Unlike most other courses that are concerned with toolsets, the Griffin Training Course is concerned with the complete concept concentrating on the training - how to train and the development of trading expertise. In this endeavour we leverage a number training programs developed by the US military in pursuit of this goal.

Thanks to the Many

Thanks is directed to all of those who have provided feedback where necessary and especially in these closing months. The discussions surrounding effort, value and price have been invaluable. The Training Course itself, coupled with this input should place the Griffin Training materials in the forefront of Trader Training for the many years to come, in both quality and utility of information and more importantly, value for money. Heartfelt thanks to all.

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